How It Works

You’ve come this far so we must have gotten your attention! So are you ready to play on some heavy equipment? Here’s how it works:

  • Book your adventure in advance. This isn’t a requirement but you will be guaranteed a time slot when you book online.
  • Make sure you wear closed toe shoes, that can get dirty, and comfortable clothes.
  • When you arrive we will check you in and go over some safety training.
  • We then put a headset on you so that we can stay in constant communication throughout your heavy metal experience.
  • You climb up in the cab of the equipment, get your seat belt on and fire it up.
  • Make sure you get comfy and don’t forget to take plenty of pics & videos.
  • Once you are settled in, we use the headsets to talk through the controls with you to get you digging in the dirt and stacking tires.
  • It won’t take you long to get accustomed to the controls and you will soon be ready for some fun games.
  • You get to compete with others in our famous Heavy Metal Basketball game (30 and 45 minute packages).
  • Then you step down out of your heavy rig for some more pics.