Heavy Metal Playground Community Program

The Heavy Metal Playground Community Program is designed to work with non-profits and groups to provide free certified equipment training to those in need including veterans, rehabilitated adults, teens and more. Our efforts are to help people better their lives by providing a course and guidance in pursuing a career in the construction field. Funds are established through foundations and sponsors. Also for every 10 students that register we will give one free class to someone that qualifies. If your non-profit or group would like to be part of the Community Program or if your business would be interested in sponsoring a student please contact us or call us at 240-415-8088.

Horizon Goodwill offers a wide variety of services to our local communities, ranging from business solutions, job training, and human resources assistance.


Heavy Metal Playground is proud to have SHIP of Frederick County as part of our Community Program! SHIP provides urgent services and resources to the hundreds of Frederick County Public School (MD) students experiencing homelessness each year. Poverty and homelessness are pervasive within our schools, with these children significantly impacted across every dimension their lives. These children can be found in every city, hamlet and village within Frederick County, and within the vast majority of schools within our school system. This issue cuts across grades and all ethnic lines. And sadly, the numbers continue to grow each year. For more information about SHIP please visit their website at www.shipfrederick.com, email info@ShipFrederick.com or call (240) 415-8971.

Our team works with yours for a team building program unlike no other.