Corporate Training

We have all attended that corporate outing, had a fun time, but by Monday, had forgotten it all or just don’t implement everything we have learned.  Heavy Metal Playground offers a unique experience that maximizes people’s retention of both education and experience. By working with our inspirational corporate trainer, the tools we provide are instrumental to taking your business to that next level. With our hands-on environment and class leading trainer, we are confident the lessons and experience will help your team propel and work together in a more positive way.

Every team and business has different requirements to hit their potential. Your day on the Playground is customized to fit your needs and wants. We are here to help your team get down and dirty by digging deep into problems and building your full potential.

If you are looking for a fun experience to help build your team, we have what you need. From simple and fun, to crazy and unique, your team will have the time of their lives.


Our team works with yours for a team building program unlike no other.

How it works:

Participants are divided into smaller groups by our team leader. Each group develops tasks based around certain types of equipment and goals. Groups work together to reconstruct our Playground by using the different equipment. Participants will actually get to operate our heavy equipment to perform their different tasks. Our team leader provides breaks to discuss problem solving, communication, and trust while building camaraderie, self-esteem and encourage working together. Groups learn through fun activities and games. When each group’s tasks are performed successfully the entire team will reach the ultimate goal.

So whether you are a youth group, sports group, non-profit or a business, all organizations need teamwork and the best way to achieve that goal is through our unique team building activities.

Heavy Metal Playground is based out of Frederick, Maryland and provides an amazing and unique team building experience that no one on the East Coast can offer. We are only a short drive from Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Virginia and we also have teamed with local hotels and restaurants for organizations that are traveling. Contact us or call us at 240-415-8088.

Team building could include working together to move cars.

Move tires and build a course.

Work together as a team by developing a plan and communicating through headsets.